The Revenue Accelerator

The Revenue Accelerator

The 21 Boosters to Launch Your Start-Up

Allan Colman


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“Dr. Allan Colman has hit the nail on the head…”—Steven M. Venokur, Founder and Managing Partner of People Sciences, Inc.

Is your start-up feeling stuck in the starting blocks? Or are you finding it a struggle to pick up speed? Written by acclaimed entrepreneur, instructor, and author Dr. Allan Colman, The Revenue Accelerator is the true companion guide for new and intermediate entrepreneurs to prosper through their early stages of development.

Dr. Colman equips readers to easily navigate around the most pervasive problems start-up entrepreneurs experience when making the leap from building their product or service to selling it. Far too often, start-ups invest so much of their hard-earned energy and capital into developing their offering that they are left with scarce resources to architect a successful plan for financing, marketing, and selling it. Whether you’re a brand-new entrepreneur or a start-up that’s going through growing pains, the 21 Accelerators will guide readers through three vital sections supplying real-world lessons that enable lasting change, including:

Contemporary case studies of ongoing start-ups

Interviews and quotes from over two dozen start-up entrepreneurs, numerous executives, business leaders, and marketing directors

Cartoons for easy understanding and retention via comedic value

Accelerator Checklists designed to enhance retention and immediate application of lessons

Regardless of industry, profession, or how many years you’ve already invested, Dr. Colman will light up the path toward acceleration and you’ll be hitting mach speed in no time.


Allan Colman:

Allan Colman is a business development executive, speaker, and author who understands the challenges facing both entrepreneurs and established businesses. He has advised organizations big and small, customizing growth plans to fit size and industry. In addition to his thriving consulting firm, Colman cofounded and served as senior vice president of DecisionQuest. Before that he served as president of the MCO Company and Litigation Sciences and was the leader of a 5,600 employee public agency. As CEO of the Closers Group, a business development advisory, Colman has spent more than two decades helping law firms and professional service firms generate more revenue. He has brought in millions of dollars of new business and built business development structures that continue to perform. He is known for his passion in developing pioneering strategies and for his ability to help clients generate business rapidly.